At Tensions Away Therapeutic Massage we take the time to understand your specific needs and focus treatments on your problem areas to give you immediate relief.  

Samantha takes prevention seriously and is here to improve your overall health and well being. Samantha has a passion for helping her clients.She takes the time to understand your specific needs. Each treatment is modified to focus on the client’s trouble areas. Samantha is able to analyze your symptoms including muscle tension with deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxation massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is an effective way to achieve relief from chronic pain, which may be the result of an injury, tension or aging.   This type of massage focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue helping the tissue regain elasticity.  It is also helpful in breaking down scar tissue and muscle adhesions – even on injuries that happened years ago.  Through Deep Tissue Massage, blood and oxygen flow are brought back to the tense muscles.  

Therapeutic Massage
Whether you have an injury, an illness, working to better a persistent disorder or training for an athletic event, therapeutic massage helps to correct and give relief to your muscles.  Therapeutic Massage can be used for sports massage, trigger point, and neuromuscular therapies specific to your needs.

Relaxation Massage
Attaining relaxation is very important to a healthier you. Relaxation massage is great for reducing the stress of everyday life.   We have a variety of techniques to encourage your body into a tranquil state of being, for a renewed, refreshed feeling.  There are a number of immediate and long term benefits to having a relaxation massage including: more energy, pain relief, improved sleep quality, an increased range of motion, and reduced muscle tension.

We recommend you arrive 5 – 10 min early for your scheduled appointment.  This will give us time to chat about how you’re feeling and any concerns you may have.


Please call us anytime at 506.608.9653. We look forward to meeting you.  

Let us “Massage Away Life’s Tensions”